Crew: MNK

Dates:  July 2009

The war started when few guys from the MNK were ganging up on the insane membrane. Bond 619 went to help insane membrane and the two were beating a lot of them. Then whole MNK was called upon to kill Bond and Insane. CFS came to the rescue for Bond 619 and Insane and thrashed the MNK. They were beaten all ends up and had to ask for a truce after about a couple of days. Carmen Gunner from MNK tried to make truce with CFS. But MNK got pissed off at her and said that she doesn’t have the rights to talk for truce. They listed Carmen a few times with rude comments.Aftermath: Carmen was unhappy with the way MNK handled the war (including killing her for trying to talk for truce) and left MNK. She has been respectfully recruited in the CFS since then.Insane Membrane who was a lone fighter before this war respected the support CFS gave him throughout this war and was respectfully hired by the CFS.


Target List of MNK


Crew: 312/DABEARS
Dates: August 2009

This war with 312/DaBears started a couple of months ago when SidewayzT1 accused Iron Fist Ricards of attacking her a "broadcast amount of times". We didn't know at the time how big of a liar she was! That war ended with everyone agreeing to a truce. 2 months later...Sidewayz decides to attack Bumbigidy out of nowhere claiming that she wasn't yet even with him. She involved 312 and a few new faces to help her fight when Bumbigidy wasn't going to stand for her attacks. The new faces included what turned out to be many different accounts from Stu Gatz. Attacks between Stu, SidewayzT1 and Da85bears went back and forth for 4 days until truce talks started. In the negotiating chat room, Stu admitted to juggling several different accounts (including SidewayzT1) and ending the war.  Da85bears also talked with Rush about who was lying about breaking the truce. Upon seeing some screenshots of Sidewayz's attacks, Dabears decided never to back her up again.

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DxD War Info

Crew: DxD

Dates: August-Sept 2009

This issue started when Crime Family Syndica responded to a BC plea for help, upon asking the attacker (Bang Band Got Ya - DxD-UB) what the issue was; he was listed by Bang Bang... This remained a one on one for two days until Gina-DxD Boss listed him. Crime Family Syndica returned retribution and Gina called in "so called DxD" to attack him. This is when CFS stepped in. DxD fought like cowards, continually signing in to an acct to list members of CFS and then to sign out. The lack of honor while fighting did not stop there.. After a week of keeping members of DxD dead, DxD called in allies (DA and Independants) to fight their war for them claiming we called in allies. It was during this time that independant and former DxD, Teh Dominator, got involved and posted obscene information on our recruitment website.  A couple days after DxD quit fighting, CFS considered the act as an act of forfeit. Officially, there has been NO TRUCE and NO STANDDOWN,and although the war is offically over, DxD is still acting like sore losers and randomly attacking and listing members of CFS, and as such will remain on our random hit list.

DxD Target List

Wardogs War Info:

Crew: Wardogs
Dates: Sept 2009

Roope had done some multiple attacks on John The Piper long back. After 3 weeks from that, JTP was retaliating by listing him many times. Lee and Eric went to John the Piper to leave Roope alone. Then Vito18 and Tamaura stepped in and started listing Lee and Eric for just some comments. It turned into  a CFS war. CFS broke their backbone by killing them brutally. Vito18 and crew asked for a truce and wanted to be friends. That’s when Goddess Bitch 4ever and Gingabread stepped in. They started listing  us and said we broke truce. They just wanted to play. CFS showed them how to play the game better and here they all lie in this Boneyard specially designed for them. REST IN PEACE WARDOGS

 Wardogs target list

Crew: RHOD
Dates: Sept-Oct 2009

There was a one on one going on between Monica and jane the jet. Jane claimed Monica overattacked her. Jane called her family RHOD to gang up on monica. That’s when CFS came to help and started killing RHOD brutally. Now this was a war of one family against other. RHOD started calling all the allies they could including FOKC. CFS asked ROCK to handle FOKC. CFS obliterated RHOD completely and they were not able to retaliate against “the mighty CFS”. ROCK annihilated FOKC. After dying  for 3 days, RHOD started to give up. FOKC truced out after realizing RHOD was no longer fighting, leaving RHOD to talk for themselves. RHOD surrended the next day with the following msg: Tarheel Bounties Inc. said “OK, CFS wins, I can’t beat u guys. You got a good family and u stick together." Coming from the enemies, this proves the strength of our enemies who rest in this boneyard specially customized for them. Yet again, CFS proves that they never give up. A family full of killers- CFS rocks… Anyone wants to fight us?? Bring it on and we will specially make a bone yard for you as well.

RHOD target list