Gaining membership into Crime Family Syndicate will be determined by no means other than a 2/3 majority vote ratio of all Officers after a 2-week probationary period the will begin no sooner than the FIRST attended meeting. 


                                                       ARTICLE II.  OFFICERS

Crime Family Syndicate will be operated as a Council of Peers led by Administration level members of our crew made up of both Senior and Junior level officers. 

Responsibilities of the senior officers include recommendation and voting on filling the Junior Officer rank, leading and negotiating all wars, maintaining a drama-free chatroom, and the responsibilities of the prospective roles.

The senior officers of the crew are:

(Rushhour) ~ The GodFather is the founder and highest-ranking management officer of the crew.  He has final decision over any and all operations of the crew to ensure that the best interest of the crew are always at the forefront of every decision.  The GodFather will be the head of all meetings and as such NO voting powers within meetings.

Boss (LeeAnn)~ The Boss is the second highest management   officer of the crew.  She has the power to make decisions affecting most operations of the crew in the GodFather’s absence.  She is trusted to ensure that our allies are always protected and that forces are sent where they are needed. In the GodFather’s absence, the Boss is also required to serve as head of the meetings.

UnderBoss - UB (Blitz & Bonnie) ~  This person is primarily responsible for gathering Bounty data on all members and ensuring that all members are increasing at an acceptable rate. The UB is responsible for ensuring CFS members abide by CFS rule sets during any wars CFS is involved in, and if severe, suggests possible punishment of offending crew member to be voted on by senior officers.  The UB will work closely with the Chief Secretary and R&A officers to ensure that recruitment efforts are continually underway and that the member database is current and available.

Right Hand Man - RHM (MrA, Bond & T-Bone) ~ This person carries the overall responsibility for the analysis and interpretation of data relevant to the crew activities.  The RHM will be in the role of the intelligence-gathering portion of the crew and will be responsible for bringing up important issues or ideals on who we should continually attack. The RHM will work with other levels of senior officers with creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives within the crew.

Chief Secretary (Vacant) ~
 The CFS Secretary is responsible for keeping and posting all meeting minutes.  The Chief Secretary will also be responsible for maintaining communication lines with the appointed Secretaries or Personnel Officers of the other crews as well as ROCK. The Chief Secretary will work closely with the R&A officers to gather new recruits information in order to keep the member database is current and available.

The Junior Officers are as follows;

Recruitment and Alliance Officer (Jill & Jaded) - is responsible for member management of the coalition.  Ensuring every member of each krew is currently listed in our database and that the information is correct. The R&A officer is responsible for the general recruitment efforts of CFS. The R&A Officer is the head of the junior officers, and as such, has the authority to form subcommittees and to assign other members of CFS, excluding Senior officers, to these roles.

Captain - is responsible for assisting upper ranks in the completion of their duties and will be assigned in the following roles. All captains will display the title of such regardless of duty role. 

                                                 Strategy Support Officer (Seahorse) ~ The SSO  is responsible for assisting the RHM in the
                      performance their duties.

                   Recruitment Support Officer (Juan & Monica) ~ The RSO is responsible for assisting the Chief
                      Secretary and R&A Officer  in the performance of their duties.

Lieutenant (Amber, Greg & Confederic) - is an entry level officers position. The LT is responsible for assisting in the maintenance of chatroom etiquette and duties assigned by senior ranking officers.


As a regular member voicing suggestions, recommendations, and concerns to administration members are recommended to ensure satisfaction with membership, and as such, limited voting privileges are assigned.

Regular Membership is classified as:

Sergeant - A sergeant has shown an noticeable sence of loyalty to the crew and the drive lead. Sergeant is next in line for an officers position as they become available. 

Associate - As an associate you will have been involved in at least 2 crew meetings and have fought in at least one war.

Recruit - All new members start here, as a recruit you membership is probationary. You receive all the protection of the crew and will have 2 weeks to prove yourself. As a recruit you will not be assigned a tag and as such will need to finish ALL of your posted messages as        >>>CFS<<< Recruit


                                                        ARTICLE III. COMMITTEES

The GodFather reserves the right to appoint committees as necessary and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and have access to all data at all times.

All members of assigned committees have equal voting powers within such committee regardless of rank.

                                                          ARTICLE IV.  MEETINGS

Weekly meetings will be maintained at a time and place designated by a 2/3 vote of the Administration. (Currently held Thursdays at 9:00 C.S.T.)

A. Not less than 25 percent of the Voting Members shall have the privilege of petitioning a special meeting

B. In the event all members of the Administration are unable to attend a vote and they have not made
    communication of an interim voter or placed an absentee vote, the Administration Members present shall
    constitute a quorum provided that all attempts were made to notify the individual 24 hours prior to the
    vote being cast.

C. At least a 24 hour notice shall be provided in advance of any association meeting outside of the normal
    weekly meeting. Every effort will be made to notify all interested parties and members of the coalition
    of upcoming meetings either by direct emailing, Blogs, newsletters, or comments left on the member’s
    pages within the game.  

D. All meetings shall be private and not open to any persons outside the Administration Ranks of the crew.
    After each meeting, there will be Meeting Minutes emailed to the GodFather as soon as they can be


A. Nominations/Demotions of junior officers shall be made and voted on by any senior officer.
    Nominations/Demotions of senior officers shall be made by any member of administration and voted
    on as such.

B. Upon installation of the officers whose terms begin at the close of the Meeting, all documents, records,
    and any materials pertaining to the duties of the office as designated in the bylaws which are in the
    possession of the outgoing officers shall be submitted to the newly elected counterpart within 5 days
    of the installation.


C. Any vacancies of any Officer or member of the Administration shall be filled within two weeks of the
    vacancy, given current crew membership permits.


D. Any officer, with exception of GodFather and Boss, may be removed from office for “just” cause by a
    majority vote of the voting members.  This does NOT mean they have been removed from the crew, just
    from their rank.


                                              ARTICLE VI.  AMENDMENT OF BYLAWS

A. These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote within the Administration of this Crew.

B. Proposed amendments shall be sent to all members at least two weeks in advance of the meeting
    where action is to be taken and will be read at the presiding meeting.


                                                       ARTICLE VII.  GENERAL

A. These rules shall govern CFS, the Administration, Committees and subcommittees in all cases to which
    they apply and do not conflict with the specific provisions of these Bylaws or any special rules that the
    coalition may adopt.

B. If any part of these Bylaws or the application thereof is hereafter held invalid or unenforceable, the
    remainder shall not be affected thereby, and only the affected portions are declared eliminated.

C. No officer, representative, spokesperson or member shall have any financial liability of the crew.