>>>CFS<<< is our official badge of our gang, whenever you hold a certain rank, you add inside to the right of the CFS.This way everyone knows who is who in the CFS.These ranks will be like if the bosses are not online, the highest ranking member will be in charge, until someone higher logs in. Promotions are done by earning them, not by playing favorites. Once you have put in the work, you will be rewarded for it.

1) GodFather - The Creator of CFS. Has Supreme and final rule. 

           Rushhour (aka UR Last Chance) 
                          ------> Feel free to email me at Rushhour250@yahoo.com with anything you need.

2) Boss-The Don of the gang. Badge: 


3) Underboss-Has exact power over the gang as the Boss, can override decisions made by a boss given the decision is unreasonable. Top of the ruling council. Badge: 

4) Righthandman-Can vote on issues dealing with the gangs daily affairs. Can bring up important issues or ideals on who we should continually attack. Can negotiate a truce, or mediate for the gang. Also can set up alliances per the boss and/or underboss’s approval.  Badge: 

5) Cheif Bookie - Oversees maintenance of group records and emails. 

6) Recruitment & Alliance Officer - Main go to person for all recruitment and alliance requests and issues.

7) Captains

8) LTs

Clicking on the names will take you to the respective homepages.